Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hoodoo Pass - Dalton and Heart Lake skiing... and sunburns.

Darn my ginger genetic makeup! No matter how much 50spf I smear on me, I'll always get burnt. No matter,  it's usually worth it for whatever I'm doing. This time I was touring with a great guy Matt in the Hoodoo Pass area. We were able to drive within 100 yards of the Heart Lake trailhead and found ourselves eventually skiing down the central Dalton Lake chute, and then the bowl down to Heart Lake. 10 miles in total, equating to some fantastic skiing with equally fantastic views.

And go!

Matt showing me how a crossing is done. :)

My turn!

Heart Lake

Up and away!

Working our way up and over towards Pearl Lake. Finally was able to make use of my new ice-ax, and boot crampons! :)

Pearl Lake

Pearl Lake... again..

Going up! On up the ridge between Dalton and Heart Lake.

They say never look back right? Well here I am doing just that... Pearl Lake on the way up.

Saddle between Pearl and Dalton

Eyeing the central Dalton chute.

Dalton Lake.

Around Dalton we go!

Area SE of Dalton Lake.

Turns down. :)

Going back out to the saddle.

On the ridge again to the Heart Lake bowl.

Heart Lake to lower right.

Second run start.


Heading back. 

Thought this would make a good bear cave, but didn't see any tracks... yet.
Tour for the day.

Thanks for looking! Won't be able to go again until at least June 8th or 9th. :(

-Miles Granger

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